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LOF's History

Leaps of Faith's History

In 1992, former national champion waterski jumper Joel Zeisler received a call from a Vietnam veteran requesting to schedule some waterski lessons.  Zeisler happily agreed, eager to help a veteran get back into a sport he loved prior to his service.  At the end of the conversation, the veteran let Joel in on a detail he’d left out: a rocket-propelled grenade claimed his vision in the war, leaving him completely blind.

With the help of Joel, this veteran was not only able to ski independently again, but continued on to win gold medals at the World and US Disabled Waterski Competitions.  Here LOF gained its roots, and a former waterski champion continues to pay it forward to countless individuals who never dreamed of waterskiing.

LOF has since expanded to include skiers of all ages and abilities.  Check out some pictures below of LOF through the years!

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