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Internships (College Students)


Internships allow students to apply their coursework in a real-world setting, gain professional skills, start to network for future employment, and help students determine whether that field is a good career fit for them. The goal of LOF Adaptive Skiers’ internship programs is to give students the opportunity to apply their coursework in a real-world and professional setting. We offer hands-on experience working with individuals with a range of abilities.

We offer internships in a variety of fields, depending on the skills and interests of the intern. We also offer flexible start and end dates. The most common internship positions are included below, but feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements.


Adaptive Sports Clinic Internship

Summer: June – September

Winter: January-March


Interns accompany the LOF Adaptive Skiers Team in offering adaptive programming to individuals and groups of all disabilities. You will be trained to work directly with skiers to offer instruction, fit equipment, assist with transfers, and work on various adaptive techniques. The main responsibility of interns is to work in a support role to the staff and volunteers, so that we can offer the best experience possible to participants. No prior skiing experience is necessary, as we offer an in-depth training event for interns.

Summer or Winter Administrative Internship 

We are looking for interns to work part time in our administrative office. Duties will be divided between programming, publicity, social media, and general administrative work.  This is a great opportunity to gain experience and to learn the day-to-day activities of a busy nonprofit. You will work directly with staff, volunteers and ski participants.  The hours are flexible, but the intern would be expected to work between 10-20 hours per week.  Qualifications: excellent verbal, written, organizational and communication skills.

Marketing & Photography Internship


Interns will join the LOF team at clinics to capture the events in picture or video for use in LOF’s training or marketing materials. When in the office, you will edit photos and footage to create  content for our website and social media accounts. Students with a background in photography, film or journalism are preferred.

Community Service Hours (High School Students)

Community Service with LOF gives students the opportunity to work at a local adaptive non-profit sports organization that improves the lives of individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports. Specializing in water sports and snow skiing, LOF Adaptive offers students administrative, creative, and field work positions as well as hands-on experience working with children and adults with a range of abilities.

*For more information, contact LOF at 203-426-0666  or email us at

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